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Selling your Whisky Online With Whisky Bull Auctions!
For some, enjoying Whisky is an enjoyable hobby. For others, it's a craft; for everyone, it's an investment of value.
Whether that involves enjoying a few drams on a crisp, clear night while smooth jazz music is playing or ageing a bottle of worth so that its return on investment grows, you deserve access to the best Whisky you can afford.
However, until now, it seems that many whisky auction platforms have charged outrageous fees for the privilege, or they don't offer a balanced and reliable experience for both seller and buyer.
Enter Whisky Bull Auctions, a place where you can sell Whisky online with ease and convenience. We're comprised of whisky lovers who hope to make the trading experience easier for both sides of the transaction. We do this with a thorough love for Whisky and everything it represents. In short, we're run by whisky fans, for whisky fans.
<H2> What Whisky can I sell?
No matter if you hope to sell blended scotch whisky, bourbon, Irish Whisky and more, we take all kinds of spirits and are happy to help you through the process.
Not only this, but we accept spirits, champagnes and wines also. If you're unsure if we take a particular make, blend or year, please use our contact form, and our friendly team will get back to you in a matter of moments.
<H2> How does the process work?
As whisky bottles are the artefacts of the distiller's discipline and craft, each bottle must be given the reverence it's due. This means validating authenticity so both sides of the transaction can be sure of what they're buying or selling.
After registering your account with us, you can register your bottles by selecting 'register lots.' After the form is submitted, you'll gain a registration report, and we'll give you a cut-off date to send your Whisky. The delivery address will be specific depending on your location. Alternatively, we are happy to collect your Whisky, only charging a fee if your bottle doesn't sell and you'd like it returned. However, for £1 a year, we're happy to hold onto it for you to relist.
From here, we inspect the condition and authenticity of the bottle. This is to make sure that the item has been reported accurately. Here we professionally photograph and list your bottle and place it for auction. You can track the listing and progress of the auction easily through your account (although you will be limited from bidding on it). Before the listing, you can add a value reserve to ensure a minimum value.
After your lot ends and the buyer has made their payment, we transfer your funds minus our agreed-upon fees to your account. This makes the selling process easier, more convenient, and liable to net you the best possible value for your bottle.
<H2> What are the benefits of selling your Whisky with Whisky Bull Auctions?
To begin with, we're whisky aficionados. Many of us have experience professionally inspecting and tasting Whisky and, as such, have years of combined experience in valuing and listing bottles at market value.
We understand how to authenticate, transport, and properly value bottles so that you, the seller, will gain the most secure and valuable sale possible. We also keep our fees as low as possible so that our service is profitable and reliable enough to use frequently.
We're also highly familiar with world whisky spirits and in selling Whisky to many in the international community, optimising the chances of you finding a worthwhile buyer.
Furthermore, we're deeply engaged in preserving vintage Whisky, ensuring that we list with the best auctions that offer the most profitable sales and discerning clientele, rather than simply flipping your cherished bottles for a quick sale.
As such, you can trust us to auction your Whisky with the same care and diligence that you would in our shoes. This saves you time, money, energy, and the worry that can accompany attending auctions day in and day out.
<H2> Who does Whisky Bull Auctions service regularly?
We have allied with discerning collectors, whisky hobbyists, and international buyers so that all aspects of the whisky community are represented.
We're skilled at identifying and adequately handling rare Whisky. Whether you hope to buy through us for a range of excellent gifts or need a recommended service to help you understand the value of specific whisky collections, we're here to help.
You don't have to be a whisky enthusiast to utilise our services. We're more than happy to work with those new to the community to source and sell the best possible whisky bottles to be found nationwide. Our commission rates are as competitive as possible, and we regularly review them, passing on value to you, the buyer or seller.

 - How can I sell my Whisky online?
Keep Whisky Bull Auctions as your first and foremost choice when buying and selling Whisky! We provide access to the best auctions and have a panel of experts determined to authenticate both sides of the sale and the product's condition.
We're also able to provide worthwhile valuations, as well as collect your bottles for you. There's no better service for making the process of selling Whisky convenient and valuable at the same time. You get the profit, and we take care of the hassle.
 - How do I sell my old bottle of Whisky?
At Whisky Bull Action, we're happy to sell liqueurs and spirits of all ages. Our whisky experts are also whisky nerds and delight in seeing a range of rare and aged bottles that boast a particular vintage.
Furthermore, our collection service ensures that delicate and fragile bottles are handled with the utmost care from start to finish. Ensuring we take the hard work out of selling your Whisky!
 - What are your commission fees?
Our commission fees can depend, but we are positioned to remain as competitive as possible. There are no hidden charges or unexpected fees, and everything is affordable. As such, we are a service to trust, whether you have a few low-value bottles to sell or one highly prized and cherished item that could net you a small fortune.
Many consider our service cheaper than it would have been if they were selling their Whisky themselves or through a direct platform, as we operate at scale and sell many bottles daily with expert help. This allows us to pass on our experience and savings to you, our cherished clients from either side of the buy/sell divide.
 - How can I learn more about my Whisky?
Clients often find themselves owning Whisky or certain spirits and not knowing much about the vintage or make. Our experts are here to advise, and we're happy to field any questions you may have that help your buying or selling go more smoothly. As the owner or purveyor, you deserve to always feel informed.
 - Can Whisky be sold on eBay?
Before 2014, this was possible. However, even selling through online platforms, there were many variables to consider. Managing the listing, speaking with buyers, valuing the item yourself, and not being sure if your item is fully authentic caused sellers and buyers some difficulty and made the process laborious.
Since then, many platforms have implemented a blanket ban on the sale of alcohol. This is why going through us to list specific auctions will help you ensure the proper licenses are in place. Why read the terms and conditions of unlimited public auction sites when you can use a service specifically designed to sell your goods? We'd be honoured to take on your sale.

 - How do I sell my private whisky collection?

We understand that whisky collections are highly cherished groupings that may have taken years to gather. As such, we won’t take the management of a private whisky collection lightly.
Thankfully, we're able to take even extensive collections all at once. Nothing excites our experts more than whisky enthusiasts and collectors, allowing them to see what they've gathered over the years, as many of our experts hold their collections too. Don't worry; personal and friendly interest never overrides our professional priorities.

 - Why wait? Contact us today!
If you're thinking about selling your Whisky online with Whisky Bull Auctions, we'd love to take you on as our client. Make an account and fill out the registration form, or feel free to use our contact form to field any questions you may have! Our team will be sure to respond as soon as possible.