WBA Buying and Selling Guide


After you've set up your WBA account you can register your bottles for sale by clicking the Register Lots tab at the top of the page.

Registering Lots

To register a lot simply fill in the online registration form. Once you have registered all the bottles you wish to enter into the auction, a registration report will be generated for your records. All bottles must be sent and arrive before the cut of date to:

1st Floor, 4 Davis Way,



PO14 1JF,

United Kingdom.

Delivering your bottles for auction

Delivery is at your expense, you may chose a courier at your discretion. We recommend you use a strong cardboard box and plenty of bubble wrap! For items valued over GBP5,000.00. we are offering a free collection service. This will be with DHL and will still require you to package your items securely. As we progress this may change. We hope to one day be able to offer free collection service for all items. 

Please deliver to:

1st Floor, 4 Davis Way,



PO14 1JF.

United Kingdom.


Once your bottle has arrived with us at WBA we will inspect the condition of the bottle and report back to you if its condition doesn't match the description you made on your registration form. After the condition of the bottle has been assessed it is passed on to the photography department and added to the upcoming auction.


During the course of the auction, you will be able to view your bottles from your account area, however you won't be able to bid on your own bottle. When the auction ends you will receive a report detailing how much your bottle sold for and a break down of the fees that will be deducted from the sale price. Should you have placed a reserve or have any outstanding storage for items, this will also be deducted. Be sure to place your reserves well before the auction begins as we will not be able to change this once the auction is LIVE. We will endeavour to remind everyone about the reserves, however this responsibility falls upon the owner of the bottle. 


After the auction has ended buyers are given 14 days to pay for the lots they have won. Once we have received the payment from the buyer your balance will be transferred to the bank account stipulated on the registration form.

Unsold Bottles

If your bottle fails to attract a buyer we will automatically enter your bottle into the next auction free of charge. Alternatively, we can ship your bottle back to you at your expense. You can also place this bottle in storage for £1 per year. This can be arranged through the delivery tab at the top of the page.

Accepted Items

We will accept all whisky; bottles, casks and whisky related products/items such as mirrors/ cask ends etc. Single Malts, Grains and Blends we don't mind. We will also accept some other spirits, wines or Champaign's but to be sure that we accept the bottle you would like to auction please drop us an email first. 

Got a question or enquiry? Email us at [email protected] or Contact us today.