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Whisky Bull Auctions

Are you fed up with huge fees? We are! Whisky Bull Auctions was set up by whisky fans for whisky fans. Whether you’re a connoisseur, a collector, a trader or an investor, WBA is the best place to find the whisky you're looking for with the lowest auctioneers fees around. Getting started is easy. Just fill in our FREE (yes you heard right, FREE) online setup form and enjoy your lifetime membership to WBA.

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    Delivery or Storage?

    We know that it can be expensive just maintaining a whisky collection, so to try and keep those costs down we’re offering 1 years secure, insured storage for just £1 a bottle.

Learn How It Works

An Online Whisky Auction With Lots From Around The World

 Here at Whisky Bull Auctions, we believe great whisky isn't just about the sweet and warming taste; it should deliver an equally satisfying experience for collectors, connoisseurs, and investors. Our regularly held grand whiskey auction lots take you on a truly immersive journey of discovering and presenting some of the best tipples worldwide. Whether a US 2021 Kentucky Bourbon or the finest Scotch whisky, each lot will make the perfect addition to your collection.

Each lot at Whisky Bull Auctions delivers truly exquisite drinks that you would struggle to find in traditional outlets. Whether a single one-litre bottle or a collection of multiple 70cl bottles, each item has a distinct look, taste, and smell. The premium distilled spirits are presented spectacularly. Whether buying for your home collection, investment, or a special occasion doesn't matter; the quality whisky will deliver the exciting experience you deserve.

While we pride ourselves on bringing you exclusive whisky that is not sold in your local off licence, you will also find that our auctions enable you to win beautiful whiskies at equally great prices. Check out some of our latest auction results to see just how incredible our live auctions can be.

Whisky Auctions Built With The Customer In Mind

 When looking to enhance your whisky collection, you need an online auction site that delivers a comprehensive approach for optimal convenience. Our auctions run for four days, twice each month, giving you plenty of time to place bids and track any lot you have your eye on. Moreover, we focus on quality over quantity, saving you from scrolling through hundreds of auctions to find a whisky you actually want. Every lot we have is a sought-after item. 

 Our low lifetime membership fees of £5 additionally keep our online auction platform exclusive to verified buyers and sellers. You will no longer have to worry about fake accounts or time wasters driving up the prices. Meanwhile, when you want to sell one of the items in your collection, you'll know that buyers are legitimate. Combined with our simple custom-built auction website, all aspects of trading whisky are made easier than you thought possible.

Whisky Bull Auctions is a team of genuine whisky lovers that love playing a part in the future of the exclusive whisky community. We have a genuine passion for enhancing your passion by making the experience more enjoyable, not least when your beautifully prestigious whisky arrives at your door. 

Fun Auctions, Fantastic Lots

Here at Whisky Bull Auction, we are all about the excitement of the experience and the delightful tastes of the whisky on offer. Rather than a single lot, our auctions combine multiple lots, each running for four days. Once a lot gets to its final five minutes, a new bid will extend its duration by another 15 minutes. As a member, you'll be able to track all lots and your personal wish list. Following the conclusion of an auction, payments are easy while we can arrange for delivery to your door or store your bottle(s) at our facility.

We cultivate a true community spirit, bringing whisky lovers together in a space where only the best distillers are featured. Whether an instant classic or a heritage bottle, premium quality is guaranteed. Moreover, genuinely unique items, including merchandise and photographs, allow investors to build a truly diverse and unique collection. It's a club that will truly enhance your Whisky collection, not least from an investment standpoint. 

Whether a hobbyist or a professional, you won't find a better platform to discover a world of beautiful premium whisky. With low auction fees and small bid increments, optimal enjoyment is assured. Better still, our auctioneers inspect every item for authenticity. So, you can buy with confidence.

Bolster Your Whisky Collection Today!

Whether you're determined to find a prestigious whisky or want to browse the current or upcoming lots, join our auction membership programme for free today. Our global business has UK, USA and Singapore offices.

 Your journey to a bigger and better collection of distilled spirits that will make you the envy of your friends starts now.